You need a saxophone player for your gig that can read and double? That can also sing and has jazz and R&B sensibilities and will be professional and a good hang? I’m your guy. Just to be specific let me spell out all of my services and capabilities:


  • tenor, alto, baritone, and soprano saxophones
  • clarinet, bass clarinet
  • flute, alto flute, bamboo flutes, pennywhistle
  • harmonica both diatonic and chromatic
  • keyboards (I don’t take solo piano or jazz gigs)
  • vocals lead and backup
  • percussion (I carry a tamborine and shaker to all my gigs.)

Studio Work

I can record any of the above instruments in my home studio or a pro studio and send you tracks if you need overdubs. I can get one or two extra horn players if you want a horn section on your project.

Jazz for your Event

I can put a duo, trio, or quartet together for a touch of class at your party or event.

Church Concert Ministry

Give me a minute I am working on this right now.

Private Instruction

I enjoy teaching saxophone to students of all ages. I can also teach flute, clarinet, and harmonica. Check out my new harmonica method which is available in video format!