Snow on Snow

  • Released: 2001
  • Format: cd
  • Produced by: Ed Goldfarb

“One of the best recent Christmas releases…very pleasant listening.”

Acoustic jazz renditions of holiday classics. Ross plays tenor, alto, soprano sax, penny whistle, and harmonica on this release.

Simply brilliant! Snow on snow will remain a timeless classic!

Snow on Snow is not your average Christmas CD as it’s jazziness and masterful musicianship will keep you listening throughout the year. The music captures the essence of the season and it makes you feel like the band members are sitting in your living room groovin’ to the mood of watching snow pelt your living room window, it’s that good!

This CD has many of the Christmas norms which all good seasonal CD’s need, but it also has songs you don’t hear as very often, like Christmas Time Is Here and Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Ross Walters shows he’s head and shoulders above the top-notch saxophone players and also plays a pretty good pennywhistle and harmonica. Additionally his all star band complements his playing and does not overshadow it. In particluar the piano and cello are noteworthy and the production of Ed Goldfarb just shines in each and every song.

This reviewer has heard a couple of dozen new Independent Christmas CD’s over the last 5 years and Snow on Snow is the one I will play in my home every Christmas and beyond.

-Paul Gentry, Cmca Radio
and another nice review…

Truly exceptional project.

Bought this CD from Ross himself. I knew he was good, but many times independent projects from people I know get listened to once and then politely referred to ever after as “pretty good” (yeah, right!) I was absolutely surprised upon listening to this CD!!!! Very tasty and very listenable. I put it on infinite repeat on my CD player for two days running! Highly recommended. This is the kind of project that the majors should be putting out. Kudos, Ross!
-Austin Biel