February 10, 2023

New Harmonica Instruction Courses 2022

I was fairly prolific in 2022 cranking out harmonica courses on my other website chromaticlessons.com. I completed three courses in 2022 and released another one in the early part of 2023.

I picked up where I left off by completing Volume 2 of my Improvising Chromatic Harmonica for Modern Musicians series. The concept of the series is to eventually provide instruction for basic blues improvisation in all 12 keys on one chromatic harmonica. Volume 1 covered four keys and Volume 2 covered 4 more. Once I complete Volume 3 that will cover all the keys but I will likely release a Volume 4 that gives some further exercises that involve all the keys and not just 4 at a time. Also, Volume 4 would introduce a few additional scale types.

Then I released a product called 70 Old Time Melodies which essentially, goes through a harmonica songbook written by another author and demonstrates all the songs with plenty of tips on harmonica technique along the way.

In December I released another course using a book by the same author where I demonstrate and discuss 50 Christmas carols.

In January I released an ebook with additional video lectures that I titled 4 Kinds of Minor Scales in 6 Keys for Chromatic Harmonica. I think the title is pretty self-explanatory.

You learn more about all these new courses here on my other website.

I have also started a Patreon where students can also get some lessons and insights from me. Part of the goal with Patreon is to allow my many YouTube students to support all the free lessons I provide on that platform. However, I am currently posting a lot of exclusive content on Patreon.

I will have to say that I certainly am enjoying the unexpected benefit of growing so much as a harmonica player! The chromatic harmonica has always been a troublesome and finicky instrument but I am starting to have some days where I feel like I am starting to take charge of it.

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